Look of the Day: Working that Full A-line

Full A-line skirts can look frumpy let’s face it.

How do you wear it without looking like something just thrown out of the dryer? Pair with a sleek tank or tshirt. This would be equally attractive with a long sleeve T (It’s freezing outside and you’re wearing a tank top?!)

The Killer heels and petite bag add a suprising element. “It doesn’t match, it goes”

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2 Responses to Look of the Day: Working that Full A-line

  1. Trina says:

    I’ve recently discovered my personal secret to avoiding frump with the a-line is to make sure it’s long enough. I’m 5’9”. Most skirts hit me at just the wrong spot. The secret is to find or make a skirt that goes to the floor – I go from frump to elegant and willowy in seconds. Hooray!

    Have you seen this series? I’m getting great fashion tips and wardrobe advice here (while I waited for my favorite fashion blog to come back from vacation. :) )

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