Modest Fashion Icon: Kelli Garner

While we must take any celebrity fashion icon with a grain of salt, I do find some of Kelli Garner’s wardrobe very attractive.

It is a look many of the flesh-flashing youngsters of today would not dream of wearing.




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5 Responses to Modest Fashion Icon: Kelli Garner

  1. Autumn says:

    Wow! How nice to see a girl dressed attractively in , how shall we put it? Grace Kelly style? Is that a style? it is now. :) What a classic look and she pulls it off so well.


  2. E. Ann says:

    I was intrigued by such an unusual style, so I googled her up. She’s apparently an actress in a 50s-themed TV show (which maybe you knew), and this is an ensemble she wore during filming. In any case, it’s a beautiful outfit, though I would make the ensemble a bit more modern and less costume-ey if I were to wear it on the street. It’s too bad that these styles don’t come back in their full glory, they’re not only modest but so flattering! I’ve heard people complain about the styles of other decades, but no one ever looks at someone in this style and goes, “Wow, she looks awful in that clothing!”

    • christa says:

      Yes, she’s on set for the show Pan Am. Love the look, to update it I would wear some really modern shoes and bag.

  3. Kaylyn says:

    Love it. Feminine, elegant, and simple. Perfectly lovely.

  4. Ruth says:


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