Look of the Day: Long cardigan

This is something my sister Kelly would wear. Except sub in ballet flats and a skirt a tad longer in the hem region.

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3 Responses to Look of the Day: Long cardigan

  1. Anna says:

    This is cute.
    I think you should repost your important older articles, like the series about femininity. The serious-but-good stuff. :)

  2. ladyfelicity says:

    I love pairing long cardigans with short(ish) skirts. The cardi stops a few inches above my knees and the skirt a few inches below. Heels are fun with that combination, but flats are perfectly elegant too.

  3. Maggy says:

    Is there something telling about the fact that I looked at this picture, skipped right over the girl and the outfit and drooled over the door?

    Oh french doors painted white with panes of NON tempered glass! How you beckon me with your sirensong of retro house renovation.

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