Meet an ET: Lauren Midlam Designer

I fell in love with this girls designs. Timeless, chic and sophisticated. Creative Director of LM StyleBar Lauren Midlam’s goal since college was to operate her own clothing line. Since then, with over a decade of apparel experience, every position held has brought her one step closer to this goal. Midlam worked on the production floor at American Apparel. She became intimately familiar with product quality while at St. John Knits. Currently, at Urban Outfitters Inc., she helps manage their apparel factory base. Midlam is a resident of Bethlehem, and a Graduate of Lehigh University and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Her taste and collection is gorgeous. These are investment pieces you will wear and accessorize differently for many years to come.


The Donatella.

Lauren has extended an exclusive welcome discount to our readers: enter code 5050 at checkout for 50% off”  Happy Shopping :)

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