Mommy Dressing: Fashion Tips for Post-Pregnancy


I was staring at my richly endowed closet completely befuddled…“What should I wear??” For unlike my normal weekend wear, today I’m donning “mommy fashion”. Easy to wear, easy to handle, easy to wash– glamor.

Christa has turned Mommy while watching my 3 nieces and nephews while Lindsay and Aaron enjoy a weekend retreat.

After herding three little people around, I came to a few conclusions for the modern mom who wants to look hot while still maintaining her sanity.


1.Don’t abandon Fashion altogether

Everyone knows someone who was has been susceptible to the “mommy syndrome” going from diva to doudy post-baby. “Gosh, she looks married…” should not be in reference to you ;)

In the rush of raising little ones, it’s easy to skip time for yourself. We feel like everyone needs us, and how can we fit time in for ourselves? The truth is, when you feel put-together and positive, you are better able to serve and love those around you. Saving even just 10 minutes to assemble yourself in the morning. Your husband will appreciate it, and you will gain more confidence as a result. This confidence in turn gets you motivated to exercise and maintain these simple beauty regimens.

2.Highlight your strengths 

It’s ok to acknowledge the fact that you don’t have a perfect body. No one does.  The crucial thing is to not let yourself get discouraged and ignore what you can do to highlight your beauty.

There is so much you can do now, putting off improvements “until you lose 10 lbs” is not real life. Just own it, own your season of life and love the extra cush knowing it won’t be forever and you’re still a beautiful woman regardless of size or shape.

3. Give Your Face Some Love

The French have it right, perfect your skin first, and if you have time, touch up your hair. Take 10 minutes to apply mascara, a dash of eyeliner, dots of concealer (if needed), blush and lipstick. Simple, but beautiful.

4. Fashion Tips in 2 Minutes

  • Rock the Legs- Post-pregancy, many a mom is working on losing or concealing a comfortable middle. Instead of working on camouflage, highlight your beautiful legs. Skinny jeans, cute tights, leggings, jeggings- there are so many options. Keep it tight and sleek. Pair with tunics, cute dresses or your favorite blouse.
  • Rock the Boots - high heels aren’t so comfortable when toting around a toddler on your hip. Instead, rock  a great pair of leather boots. They don’t have to be high-end, but get something with some heel and good support. I recommend sleek black leather that conform to the calf. Tuck in your skinny jeans and you are hot to trot.
  • “Forgive-All” Leather Jacket - Nothing is worth $65 more than a great leather jacket. Save up or ask for Valentines day, (or anniversary or christmas…) but go and find one. Put away your maternity coat, and slip into zip-up sleekness. It’s perfect over a comfy t-shirt or tank. Leather is always fashionable, classic and let’s face it- plain sexy. No matter what you’re wearing, if you don the leather you’re instantly chic.
  • Love Various Textures - If you can get a sheer/silky button-up blouse to wear under a cardigan or jacket it creates beautiful diversity. The more varying texture or fabric you have in your wardrobe the better.
  • Statement Jewelry: Instant fashion piece. If you’re little people are still in the “Grab everything” stage, choose a piece that won’t interfere (like a bracelet). I love jcrew and shop ebay for great deals on statement jewelry from their gorgeous collection. A great chunky necklace, earrings, mens watch, big rings- have fun. One piece goes a long way.


The main key is to find pieces for your wardrobe that make you feel confident and put-together where you are NOW. If you’re particularly discouraged about your wardrobe or current style, now is exactly the time to begin a fresh.

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One Response to Mommy Dressing: Fashion Tips for Post-Pregnancy

  1. Brittany says:

    Some good tips. It sounds like you’re a great auntie, but babysitting and having a mama body to reckon with are two different things. The reason many moms sport the “I give up” look is not out of a lack of motivation to dress nicely or trying to be overly practical. Your body can be hard to dress after giving birth. :) You’re not only covering up a tummy, but also juggling big boobs and the extra baby weight that decided to stick around elsewhere. You have to consider outfits that can accommodate nursing. Not to mention the fact that your body will be constantly fluctuating in size and shape for about a year. (Seriously, I go between a size 0-8 post-pregnancy and it shifts all over the place.) So those great jeans that fit last month, might not fit now…and most likely not with the top you wore with them pre-preggo. And finding time to shop for better-fitting clothes is difficult too, for obvious reasons! :)

    I’m not saying that it is impossible to be a hot mama, but it is most definitely challenging to find the time/energy/ability to dress with the same fashion standards you had pre-baby. So be sure to show a lot of extra grace to those “mama syndrome” girls. It’s not as easy as it may seem.

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