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A recent commenter had this to say about skirts, be encouraged!


You can’t imagine what a pleasure it is to hear that so many women seem to enjoy wearing skirts and dresses.

I’d come across this site because I was so disenchanted with clothing choices women made these days. Skimming through a number of the entries posted it is such a delight to see that you find feminine clothing so easy, comfortable and enjoyable to wear.

I’m not being sexist when I say that, as a guy, I find myself being more courteous to women of any age when they wear skirts or dresses. It’s not sexist, it’s the way we’re made. You look so gentle, feminine and pretty that any reasonable man finds that he’d do anything to brighten your day just a tad. A lot of guys aren’t really attracted to what looks like a female version of themselves.

I guess us guys tend to “filter” women in jeans and pants as being like the rest of the guys and we’ll treat them that way. So if you’re a girl/woman and you have any doubts then please think twice before you put on jeans/slacks. As I said, any REASONABLE people will likely treat you very nicely (you may get a few ignorant remarks from feminists and people who are just plain sloppy). And you’ll be increasing the amount of respect that feminine dress and behaviour should be given rather than the crass, loud and sloppy ways that the world seems to encourage.

Keep being feminine – you can’t imagine what a powferul and positive influence you have and I hope you’ll have a fun and enjoyable time doing so.

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  1. Grace says:

    I found this to be extremely encouraging, thank you so much for sharing. I wear skirts 99 percent of the time and as far as I can remember have always been treated like a lady. It’s surprising how much difference a skirt or dress can make!
    As a young woman I do not find this offensive or “sexist” at all. When you believe that God created man and woman individually unique from one another it is not a hard thing to understand why a man would naturally treat a woman in feminine attire differently.
    In my household we have the freedom to wear pants, but my parents encourage us to be as feminine as possible in every situation (which normally means choosing a skirt or a dress over pants). Since I’m a gal anyway I might as well embrace it, right?
    Thanks again for sharing; it’s so nice to hear the guy’s side for once.

  2. Natalie says:

    Perhaps, he should be courteous to women, no matter what they’re wearing, because that’s what it means to be a man. Are you saying that you wouldn’t be courteous to a homeless woman because she is not dressed nicely? “It’s the way we’re made” argument is so tired. It does not excuse you’re behavior. You’re an adult, you choose how you behave and you can’t blame it on biology. Any reasonable person would treat a woman with respect because that’s how you should treat everyone. Whether she’s wearing a skirt or not.

  3. Sophia says:

    Thanks to Natalie for some sense and for some humanity! I would go so far as to say that paying courtesy to all people isn’t simply part of the definition of being a man, it’s a part of the definition of being a human that other people are drawn to.

    This love and encouragement that this gentleman offers may be encouragement, but it is not love. It is offered conditionally on the basis that girls continue to adhere to his preference. Conditional encouragement is simply a manipulative ploy to usher people into adopting the way you want things.

    So regardless of whether or not this man is “sexist,” he wants women to change so that he can have things the way he wants. He approaches this issue selfishly.

    “You look so gentle, feminine and pretty that any reasonable man finds that he’d do anything to brighten your day just a tad”

    Gentleness, femininity, and prettiness are aspects which I aspire to adopt, quite honestly. But I find the idea that I deserve more human respect and kindness based on how much of these aspects I’ve successfully achieved to be insulting.

    “It’s the way we are made.”

    If you are made in such a way that you do not have the capability to grasp the value of humans beyond a narrow definition, please do not accuse the rest of men of the same egregious shortcoming.

  4. Girlish and pretty says:

    Skirts and lace, silk and soft cottons, are the best friend of a gal or mature woman.
    Now, many girls and mature woman are complaining why there is not man as used in their father’s times. Just use a skirt in a bright color and see if you do not catch the attention of that cute guy you like!
    let’s growth your hair, and you will see more cute guys around you….
    This is not related to morals, to selfish male preferences, or to submissive behavior…
    it is just natural law. Nature…… let’s nature to play for you.
    there is so much smart women doing environmental actions, and they do not understand this simple and natural fact….. women should dress different to men… it is organically beautiful and sensual…. women are sensuality, and men are potency… thus, natural law dictates how to dress accordingly… (giggles)….

  5. Lisa J says:

    Dressing in a sloppy, grungy (ie, “fashionable”) way is not respectful of other people nor of oneself. It is harder for people to respect someone who does not respect themselves or others. That is no excuse, but just an observation of human instinct.

    I think this is a great post. I dont think he is talkng about disrespecting women who do not dress as femininely, but rather that he notices, appreciates, and goes out of his way to show this to women who do. I have found that both men and women notice how I am dressed (simple, feminine skirts and dresses, summer and winter) and really appreciate it. And men do treat me with more chivalry, which I think makes them feel more masculine and good about themselves. Maybe men are discouraged to treat women who are more masculinely dressed in a more chivalrous way (holding doors open, offering to carry heavy loads for them) because they are assuming from the appearance that chivalry would not be appreciated.

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