Wife Dressing-Part 3


…continued from part 2

5. Excess Accessories
The Confusion of Profusion is too many scarves, belts, and other oddities. By “too many” I mean relics from the past, that are no longer in current use. If an accessory hasn’t been worn for a year, if it’s shabby, if the color is faded or doesn’t go with anything you have, if you simply cant stand to wear it…ditch it.

6. Shop in a shopping mood

Oh ladies, the worst mistake you can make is to go shopping when you don’t feel like it. The most important part of shopping is your frame of mind. If you go into the dressing room feeling like a mistreated heroine from a soap opera, I can guarantee nothing will look good on you. And if you’re depressed because you gained a few pounds, don’t buy something too small to grow into. Hard, but true. Lose the few pounds first then go shopping.
Finally, dress to go shopping. How can possibly see what a dress will do for you if your hair is under a hankerchief, your face devoid of make-up, and your good bra at home in the drawer? The “Well…of course, I’ll be wearing different shoes, and my hair swept up into a French twist…and…” and you wonder why so many clothes are such a big disappointment when they are actually worn.

7. Dress for everything. 
Dress actively for whatever you are doing. Don’t wear an ageing cocktail dress for the office, or a “beat-up” cashmere for housework. They will be uncomfortable as well as unattractive. If it’s raining, wear raingear, and snag a perky umbrella at a garage sale. Why look like a drowned scarecrow when you can be a touch of sunshine?

It may take a little while for you as a complete, unique individual to emerge, but it’s all up to you and fascinating business of Wife-Dressing.

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One Response to Wife Dressing-Part 3

  1. Sheri says:

    Thanks for these posts on wife dressing, Christa! You’ve reminded me of some important things (like dressing for shopping) and you’ve challenged me in an area where I really needed the challenge: discipline in my appearance. I’m about five months pregnant, and oddly, this has helped me to improve my appearance a little. But when the baby comes and I’m exhausted, I know it will be easy for me to slip back into a “whatever is easiest” mode. So I’m prayerfully planning ahead for those days. Thanks again!

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