What inspires anyone to get online and start writing on a random webpage? Drive. Drive and passion.

My passion started at a young age- a desire to see women- young,  old, married or single  enjoy being women. Enjoy that synergy of fashion, femininity, modesty and true beauty that reflects the beauty of their Creator (and makes them irresistible to men ;P)

Let me be clear, I am not very conservative. But I am passionate about modesty in dress and behavior. I believe a woman is happiest when she is reveling in her glorious role as a complement and balance to a man. I am an Empowered Traditionalist.

At 17 I started a fashion line and learned through the school of hard knocks how hard running a business can be.

At 23, I moved from fashion design into working full-time as a contract photographer.

At 24, I still have so much to learn, I’m growing and changing like everyone  else on this spinning orb of dirt. This is just a visual log of my fashion sense, my sights and insights and everthing in between.

Join the conversation. Talk about modesty, talk about fashion, talk about femininity. Have fun.


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  1. Dear Christa,

    Hi, I started following your clothing line about 4 or 5 years ago, I was so excited to find it. The sad thing is I never did get to purchase anything because my husband was in school the entire time and it was never in the budget. I recently looked for your store again now that my husband had graduated and was so sad to find that it didn’t exist anymore. But I can see that a business would be a very difficult thing to have. I am amazed that you can say you had such an accomplishment, especially at such a young age…kudos to you! You had such taste, spunkiness and class about your site, and I do miss it.

    You visited my site of Modest Mormon Mama, once, and it made my day. You told me as a young girl you would revel in things such as mud puddles, etc. (Due to one of my pictures of a daughter in a mud puddle.)

    You mention in this post above that you are not very conservative. I find that is the confusing thing about modesty, of which I struggle with myself….so many different standards across the world to define what “modesty” is. I have a dear friend who wears only dresses, long sleeves and long skirts. She also covers her hair. There is something about her that I can’t forget her example, I am so drawn to it. Yet, as of yet, I don’t feel the Lord wants me to go there. Still she has changed my life and even my own definition of modesty over the years has gotten closer to the Lord bit by bit as I feel in my heart, so I love and bless her example for me. I have thrown away many many things, modified many others, and through it all, I think the Lord is still teaching me, right now specifically in a measure of being joyful through it all and finding the right balance.

    Thats why I like what the Lord teaches us about chastity, which modesty is all a portion of. He teaches us that our bodies are temples of the Lord and as such, we can host the Holy Spirit there. The biggest privilege we have, really. So most importantly, what we wear effects how we feel inside about our relationship to Him. It also sends messages to others, and thus effects how we treat others and how we are treated, essentially what kind of tools we can be for the Lord. Summed up nicely here. https://lds.org/youth/for-the-strength-of-youth/dress-and-appearance?lang=eng As we understand the principles underneath the law, it changes our ability to find Him and please Him.

    But the special thing about our Father in Heaven is that he loves us and rejoices and I imagine even celebrates at where we are when we ARE sacrificing for Him: He knows it! Though someone else might judge it. Where ever we are, He then increment by increment stretches us through lives challenges to come to Him and he takes us just a bit higher, closer to Him, and closer to His perfect principles and laws that bring us a fullness of joy.

    Yes I seek what He wants of us, best that is, because I do believe there is Good out there, there is Better and then there is Best. I am one of those passionate perfectionists when it comes to modesty….I guess you could call it, where yes I have always loved to look pretty (at 4 I’d carry around a bundle of clothing changes) but also I want to coincide of what He wants and to feel the joy and confidence that comes from being in harmony with Him.

    Do I think there are people out there that over do it? Yes, though they have my utmost respect, I suppose I do, if its done with the wrong reasons, or if it comes before charity, the law then becomes a stumbling block. Under do it? Well obviously thats where most of the world struggles.

    But wouldn’t it be nice to peak into heaven and see those lovely shiny eyed bright countenanced women who Love the Lord with all their hearts. What might they be wearing, that compliments their hair, face shape, body type, eyes, but doesn’t over do it, and glorifies the Lord most especially? Is it really simple, or is it princessy, or are there moments for both? Now that will be a real treat to see someday!

    Like you I was home schooled and am from a large family. Personally I am the oldest of nine. I think you would like to meet Miriam my little sis, a middle child. We call her “Mim” (Seen Sword in the Stone with the Marvelous Mad Madam Mim?) http://www.madmim.com She did a really fun blog post recently called “Dressing your Truth”.

    Anyway, I love your traditional feelings of man and woman and how we compliment one another. And I’ve explored you blog here and there, (due to the nature of being a very busy mom I am not a regular at anyone’s blog, and have enjoyed many posts here at ET!) I found my man at 24 and wow he was a shy engineer nerd, I almost dropped him so many times. We have something called ‘temples’ in the Latter Day Saint religion, and those who keep the commandments to their best can worship there. Temples are unique because we believe them to be houses of the Lord, where Satan’s influence isn’t. And each time I’d go there, my doubts and fears would go away, (like Satan didn’t want me to start a family!) and the Lord told me in those walls that I would be amazed at who this man I was dating really was and would become if I was patient with him. It so happens that he was a cutie and not without his charm, but as we’ve married it was all true, he’s come such a long way in confidence, love, service, and best of all he compliments me perfect which only the Lord could know.

    I know you’ll find this special match for you too.

    Lastly you mention working through bulemia, I myself have had disorders with food and body image and the Lord has also healed those over the years, so much. I still have healing and growing room in this venue too, but wow I’ve progressed so much in him in peace and love, and my capacity to love and give as a result. There is so much Hope and Promise in Him! :) Last night I plead for healing from some very hurtful judgements from my grandmother. After all these years she summed me up in about three hurtful words in her family history and I was so mortified this book went out to the family, and sums up how she sees me, which is just as hurtful. But those words leave me room to improve, and who I am is so much more to the Lord, so I can truly say, He Heals!

    Bless you Christa,


    • christa says:

      Thank you dear heart for taking the time and love to right down your thoughts here. You sound like a gem and I wish I could meet you in person. Blessings to you and your family, thank you again for all the encouragement.


  2. Emily says:

    You are more than welcome, you are such a sweet heart! My sisters and I always use that word ‘gem’. Love it! Thank you too!

  3. Alexandria Murray says:

    Did you mean “home-educated”?

  4. click here says:

    fairly useful stuff, all round I picture this is worthy of a bookmark, thank you

  5. Five Seed says:

    Hi Christa,

    I have been following your blog for about two years now, though I don’t know if I’ve ever left a comment or not. I really enjoy fashion blogs and yours is fun.

    Anyway, I live in Central Oregon, but am here in Portland for a seminar. Tonight, I promised my sis-in-law that I would help her out at her gift shop (Tangible Gifts) on Clinton Ave. (in the lobby of Bluebird Real Estate and next to the Press Club pub/restaurant. I sell some of my bath and body items there and wanted to meet some of my customers and, of course, be helpful to my SIL.

    So…I was standing outside the shop tonight with my brother, hosting a giveaway for a lip balm. A pretty young woman with long hair, wearing a white dress walked by and I had this funny feeling that I knew her. She walked into the gallery next to the Press Club and suddenly, I thought, “OMG, I think that’s Christa Taylor!!”

    Being as I love your blog, I waited for quite a while, hoping you would walk by again so I could introduce myself (without seeming too stalker-ish, LOL). But my feet started hurting and my SIL encouraged me to come inside and rest for a minute. So I did. And literally 30 seconds later, you (if it was, indeed, you) walked past the window. I literally ran to the door and almost yelled out, “Christa!” but I thought, as a fellow blogger, that would freak me out, so it might freak you out, too! :)

    Anyway, I just had to drop you a line to see if that was you and say I’m bummed I didn’t get a chance to meet you! But how crazy that I would run into you in such a big city!

  6. Jean says:

    I really like your blog, Christa. I think I need to lurk here and learn to de-frumpify.


  7. Mr. Driver says:

    Ha ha I love the “true stuff” above! You’re great Christa! –Rick

  8. Carolyn says:

    I’m home edumacated too! I have just recently found your site and I am loving it so far! I love your Wife Dressing tips. And your How to be Feminine tips. Thank you so much! Can’t wait to read more!

  9. Hi Christa!
    Thank you so much for your work on this blog. I identify with almost every single thing about you. I’m 22, about to finish school and I know that God has commissioned me to help revolutionize the image of women in my city through beauty and fashion. I was looking for inspiration when I found you blog. I looking forward to reading more. You will get so many questions from me!

    With Thanks,

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